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Barbara Lombardo of Saratoga Springs, NY, is a journalism adjunct at University at Albany and retired executive editor of The Saratogian, The Record and the Community News. Follow her on Twitter @Barb_Lombardo.

Friday, October 29, 2010

You can leave Saratoga, but you can't get away from potato chips

The Sept. 28 editon of The New York Times Magazine section on foods featured "Saratoga Potatoes, 1904."
Saratoga Springs, known in its previous heyday for health, history and horses, also claims to be the place where potato chips were invented. Marylou Whitney's ties to the tasty treat are chronicled in her own potato chip cookbook.
The NYT piece by food writer Amanda Hesser briefly recounts the origins of Saratoga Chips. I don't think people really think about potato chips as one of region's claims to fame. But it came to mind earlier this month when preparing to visit my son Joe in Madrid. I wanted to bring something "Saratoga" as a gift to his host family.
So I headed to Putnam Market, where I picked up some of Bill Higgins' fabulous garlic aiolis. And, as an impulse, I also grabbed one of those cute blue boxes of Saratoga chips.
The garlic was something special. The chips, I think, not so much: Almost every bar and eatery we stopped in (and there were several), our drinks and sandwiches were served with a healthy handful of not-so-healthy potato chips. Their country of origin, I don't know.


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